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Did I mention your should read Part One of this first?


The part of the birth chart most associated with long-term romantic partners is the Seventh House. Venus and Jupiter are conjunct. Just to make things really interesting, Mary Kay has Mars in Capricorn, which is sometimes associated with a significant age difference in partners.

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The first one was apparently unremarkable, and had the usual occurrences of cheating and mistrust and such. We have an advantage over astrologers looking at this situation now, as opposed to those who looked at it back in the 90s when it happened. The other person in this story is now old enough that his name and thus date of birth can be legally publicized. But who among us is even perfectly compatible with themselves? Their Mercurys are trine each other, so there is a natural flow of communication.

Her Mars is sextile his Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, which gives the relationship some spark. If he was born later in the day, it would approach the conjunction with her Mars, which can make a relationship lively. No compatibility is perfect though.

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Her Mars also squares his Saturn and Pluto. Astrological compatibility works regardless of the age of the people involved.

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Yes, anyone looking at the two charts without the dates of birth would realize that their Plutos are pretty far apart, indicating a significant age difference. What about the age difference? If one is so inclined, one can always go further and further down the list of astrological factors between these two to find something to disapprove of.

This, frankly, is one of the reasons why I almost never use asteroids in a consultation. Using just classic astrological techniques clearly shows that Mary Kay and Vili have a strong attraction to each other, and the history of the relationship shows that nothingā€¦ not the law, not public disapproval, not moral outrageā€¦ has kept them apart.

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