December 22 horoscope aries ganesha

You are firing on all cylinders and there could be the danger of a burnout. You may need a change of lifestyle, more organized eating habits and regular hours to sustain yourself as you relentlessly forge ahead on all fronts. You are in a brilliant phase as far as the ingenuity and quality of your work is concerned. You make shrewd, inspired moves that get you places. Ganesha is watching over you. The intensity of the phase takes you by surprise. The domestic angle is highlighted and there will be many demands on your time and resources.

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There will be hospital expenses and issues with children and teenagers that need to be dealt with family. You will be terribly stretched in this period. In a bid to escape the pressures, you do a lot of feel-good shopping. New acquisitions or refurbishing your old possessions will renew your zest for life which has taken a beating in recent times.

There is intense bonding and many new alliances and partnerships. There is joy in relationships and many happy moments with loved ones.

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This can be a crazy and confusing period, says Ganesha. You will be pushed and torn in different directions. You are plagued by several thoughts and indecisions and may be running around in circles for answers. You feel challenged to perform in several spheres and will have to deal with mounting expenses. You look for new ways to earn more and at the same time you ask more out life; you desire a lot more than a humdrum existence.

You want a meaningful life.

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There will be journeys for business or pleasure, or both. You try to leverage your knowledge and personality to become more successful.

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People will play a major role in your life socially, emotionally, and of course, professionally. You will reach out to others and be fully involved with contacts, contracts and communications, all of which will lead to progress and material gains. You will also deal with deeds and documents for both, personal and business purposes.

Your self-confidence and motivation too will increase.

Schedule all your important tasks and meetings in the afternoon, when you will be at your peak, says Ganesha. Today you will be much more generous than most people realize that you can be, says Ganesha. Later on, you will reap the benefits of the work you had carried out in partnership with some friends. The evening holds a promise of a mixture of work and pleasure. You will attend, possibly even host, a meeting with friends and colleagues.

Ganesha says today is a good day to enhance your joy by arranging a family meeting or gathering.

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Guests coming home will make you happy with their presence. The presence of your beloved will make your evening a romantic thing. Ganesha says that his blessings will be with you always. Today, your confidence speaks a lot and makes you a self-reliant person. Whether it's home or work, you are capable enough to manage chores at both places. You play an important role in maintaining harmony at both the places, says Ganesha.

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Today will be a day when you are inclined not only to being upbeat but also firm, says Ganesha. In your line of work, you may get passionate about your views. But compromise is on the cards and that too without any harm to your dignity.

November 12

Your better half will keep you occupied, says Ganesha. While your neighbours are irritating and troublesome, you will strike a conversation with them and build a cordial relationship with them. You will feel an inclination for poems, novels, stories, and literary material like that during the later part of the day. Books will keep your mind fresh and give you new avenues to think about, says Ganesha.

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Overall, a very good day is in store for you. There can be some tension about something. The day is good for lovers. Do control your anger. The day is good day for investment.

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If you are thinking of investing in the property, then stop a little. The Scorpions will be successful in their work. You may meet with new people. You need to work hard at workplace. Sagittarian will have a favourable time. Today you can get stressed about something. Avoid calling someone bad today.