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Stones, metals and salts: sards red agate , mercury, nickel, potassium sulphate and iron phosphate. Born august 19, in new orleans, louisiana is an american rapper and actor. In spite of your clear-sightedness, you find it hard to deal with people: your critical mind, tinted with irony and causticity, may be destructive, especially since your determination and your stubbornness do not incline you to giving up. This is your way of finding inspiration and balance. Those houses are: 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th. In sidereal astrology that is in vedic or indian astrology , sun is in this sign from roughly july 16th to august 15th, while according to western astrology corresponding to tropical zodiac, sun covers this sign from june 22 to july 19 jule scorpio horoscope.

East point ' leo, in house xii. Therefore, you must create an enclosed environment where your fragile sensitivity can blossom at. Like all the persons born 19 jule scorpio horoscope an apparently reserved and tough sign, your inner personality is often charming and gentle, as if the thick armour, forged throughout childhood, had entirely preserved the purity and the warmth of the soul imprisoned.

In chinese art, animals with meanings often pose in a major role. Read about dog symbolism. Watever i dont believe deep in astrology but wat above said is going on. Religions and cultures evolved around man's hatred and fear of witches, cats, snakes, and a woman's sex organs. He was undoubtedly a spokesman and martyr all-in-one for the anguish and ecstasy of a generation caught in a time of great turbulence and change Maybe it is exactly in this case that leadership abilities reach the highest expression, as there is also an underlying ability to listen to other people, guide them and lead.

Washington, new orleans, valencia, liverpool, milwaukee, fes, halifax, hull, cincinnati. You may find yourself attracted to libra, leo, and sagittarius. As one represents a point, two represents a length. The very loving and caring 6 also gets along quite well with a date of birth 21 jule numerology, but then, the harmonious 6 gets along with just about every number. Because if you think you have a good memory, wait until you see scorpio's.

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The vertex, sometimes called counter-ascendant, is a fictitious point which is at the intersection of two great circles, the ecliptic and the great vertical circle prime vertical in the west of the birthplace, linking the east, the zenith, the west, and the nadir. Perhaps you, as an inquiring student, can reach a conclusion in this matter. Off to a cave and kept in an eternal sleep, so she could gaze. Meanwhile your sagittarius prefers a hearty and open debate, laying everything out rationally for inspection and analysis.

Sklenar's astromedical work published by the austrian arcturus-verlag reunites in fact the essence of the work of several medical astrology capacities, including surya demeter georgiewitz-weitzer [] and sindbad friedrich schwickert [], a widely known expert for astrology and hermetic arts who together authored the older book astrologie und medizin.

You have some amazing opportunities to prove to yourself and others that you can handle things fantastically. What have you been working on recently, or focusing on? If it has become a little challenging to agree on a particular direction or tricky just to get things done, this is the week that you should experience things moving ahead nicely. The Seven of Wands is asking you to recall all that you have achieved and remember all the times when others have congratulated you for your hard work, you have inspired others and will continue to do so.

This week is a time for action, decisiveness, you are continuing to create a new and better version of yourself, remember how great you are and that you can do it! The Three of Swords can sometimes signify conflict, upset and arguments. Usually though when this card appears the stressful circumstance has already happened, and the healing can now begin. Metaphorically this card can be likened to an abscess bursting, the poison has come out and now the body can begin to heal. You could be feeling like finally you can move on from something and that repair is underway.

Take time to acknowledge your feelings this week, nurture your precious mind, soul and body. You are likely to be feeling triumphant about something. The Six of Wands is asking you to celebrate your successes and victories, you have definitely earned it! This card is a positive omen and a promise of fulfilment and joy! Justice is assisting you to see that balance is necessary for you to thrive and prosper. You could find that an agreement can be reached through negotiation and by sticking to fair solutions.

Objectivity, fairness and truth are your superpowers this week, Justice is helping you to gain a clearer understanding of yourself, others and the situations that arise this week. The Seven of Swords represents a situation where you feel like saying one thing, but you choose to be like a counsellor and be tactful. Sometimes life requires us to use some subterfuge in order to achieve a desired outcome, saying something we end up regretting it, and not wanting to hurt or offend sometimes makes us clothes our words so that they are received better.

Every great story has a hero in it that sacrifices something to achieve something better, there could be a realisation this week that you are your own hero and that you have the power to change and alter your story. You could find that there is a choice to be made this week, sometimes The Hanged Man signifies reaching a crossroads.

You may find that you feel ready to give up and let go of what is no longer of serving you and feel ready to choose what is significant and meaningful to you. Giving something up voluntarily for the future promise of attaining something of greater value is expected this week.

You are likely to experience an increase in faith in life, and your trust in the unseen and spiritual is likely to increase too. This could manifest as giving up and surrendering a destructive behaviour, pattern, mindset or person. The Hanged Man is here to show you that this is a turning point in your life, your focus is likely to be reoriented towards your inner world, psychological development could become more important to you. Hello and warm greetings to you all, well now we are in the swing of the new you, and your new year. You already have your key card for the year.

My apologies in the delay of these, I had urgent family commitments over the holiday. How did you find the S. R goal, or dream planning for the year? But my head is busy with this, and that. We have in our lives as long as we need. Some goals are easy to achieve and done by just a few actions. Others require help from others, or information from 3rd parties, and may take longer. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to go out and get yourself that journal. And really connect with your year, and your plan. Make a note of your weekly card readings, and any personal readings you have done.

Record the activities you do; how did it feel doing them? As long as your rituals are carried out with pure intention and an honest heart, all is well. Capricorn brrrrrr so cold outside as I write this, I hope you find yourself tucked up somewhere cosy as you read it! Winter is here. The spider, are you feeling the power of this determined creature. Whether you identified as a money spider crossing over the palms of hands about to receive money, or a trap door spider, spying opportunities as they go past, and snapping them up, embrace your Spidey powers this year and make your dreams happen.

Ta dah moments will hit you as you brush your teeth, or relax in the bath. If you feel all is lost, and know not what to do, a resurgence of fresh energy will come to you, which will help you push, or slide past those obstacles. You can rise up ready to deal with anything that comes your way.

An innate wisdom or gut instinct will now steer you to find the right words, and know just what action to take. Your love life is likely to become a more passionate, sexual intimacy is starred. If you are single expect attention and flirtations, mother nature has sprayed you with some alluring aroma. If your social life is lacking at this time, and your light has no-where to shine, it may be time to start net-working for it could lead to romance. If you are attached, those connections could become more intimate, and if your partner picks up on your signals, enjoy.

In essence you will be in demand. You will find yourself generally more in touch with those you hold dear, and find yourself hugging and wanting to be near them. Feeling artistic? Make the most of new year sales and grab yourself a sketch pad, and some of those lovely new brush pens, or an adult doodle art book.

Your creative side or flair will really show now, you may start a new hobby, or revisit an old one.

Scorpio - Horoscope - by Michele Knight

Whatever you put your talents too, it will flow easily. The serpent brings you a sense of vitality, apply it to all areas of your life, for the serpent is also very knowing, very sharp minded, and sharp witted. For when you are ringing the changes for the serpent guides the way to a new way of doing things. Combining the energies of the spider and the snake makes so far for the year a great team. Both actually creatures that scare a lot of people and with good reason sometimes, but they are your allies.

The spider gives you the will and determination, and a creative edge to weave your web in any direction you now wish, and the snake adds a creative bonus and powerful edge too. What team work. Peaks — Higher energy can be used with wisdom. Troughs — There may be some caution in expressing yourself in any creative way. Energy vibration — Earthly angelic realm Theme —Movement, faith, karmic journeys, unconditional love. Aquarius, how are you lovelies?

All part of your spiritual journey. Movement is all around you upwards, reflecting backwards, getting on the karma train. Who is going to help the Queen of the stars, why a broomstick. Often mistaken in folklore as the mode of transport most preferred by witches, the broom is actually a cleansing too. I am drawn to a vision here of curling, the sport where someone brushes the ice to drive a large weight across the ice. If Shekinah is taking you on in your spiritual journey the broom is brushing the rough bits of ice or obstacles out of your way.

Powered with the energy of the broomstick, the ability to carry out a new year clean is yours. Fancy cleaning out your house? And your metaphorical house too? Being a Wiccan I can identify with this as a ritual. A witch is supposed to be tidy. They will use their Besom or broom to clear psychic energy out of a space. If you are to carry on with your mission you will need the clarity space clearing creates. As witches we are keeping an audit of our herbs and plants used in our potions ensuring they are current and fit for purpose. Are the tools you need to achieve your goal current or do they need reviewing.

One tool that you will become aware of is your psychic powers, or gut instincts getting more attuned and stronger. Like those drawing the snake card you will find your sexual energies are awakened, a fledgling relationship could become intimate. Already in a long-term relationship? Or maybe more traditional marriage is on your mind. Activity — Mmmmmmmms what can you do this week? So, to suggest for a second you do another list type ritual would be boring and obvious. In all seriousness, as part of your planning, set aside some you time.

Every day for a few minutes, and at the end of the week for at least half an hour. And breathe, to the extent you are relaxed with your breathing, and it is slow and gentle. Close your eyes for a moment, and as you breathe in let in fresh new energy, when you breathe out, release that which is no longer needed. This replenishing energy breathing will help you reconnect with yourself and your energy points every day, allowing you to relax before bedtime, hopefully sleep well, and be ready for a new day. B put a timer on the oven or set an alarm for a sense of relaxation could mean a burnt dinner.

Along with your 2nd card our lovely Queen of Elphame. Her magic is gentle, healing and a graceful one. She has the lightest of touches. Given that candle magic is also of flame, and in my case smoke, working with extinguished candle flame to release intention , it makes sense that you need such a gentle lady to help you with phase one of your year.

Almost hypnotic, and enigmatic I often compare her to Titania. What was one stuck or blocked will feel easier to understand, have more flow and movement, and could be resolved. New sensations of confidence, poise and dignified calm are around you. Gone are those heavy boots! Walking barefoot through the sand, feeling the water run through your toes, is so much easier for you now. Relaxation, deeper thought processes or mediation may have been difficult lately, worry not for if you let Titania help you, it will flow more easily now your spirit could feel freer. Get back to nature and engage with the beauty of it in your surroundings and others creatures.

In doing so you will achieve a sense of balance with inner and outer beauty. This could, if you give into relaxation and fresh air, be a joyous and lovely time. On a cautionary note. And the only one. Be wary of thinking more superficially, and may need to rethink your inner feelings on what you consider to be attractive, in your world, others and yourself. Release any egotistical or negative thoughts about yourself and others, and acknowledge that you are beautiful inside and out.

Why not go for a walk and get some fresh air? And you can multi-task the two activities, walk, relax and make room for creative planning. Oh, Aries warm greetings to you also! Your year is already on its way, like a runaway train loaded with potential and ideas. The Pentacle is a great card to get as your base card for the year, offering you all the elemental energies to help you on the way. So, you have the power in you to call that train back, and tell it to wait on the tracks.

Now what is the first card of the year to help the Pentacle? The Cauldron. Perfect for someone with so many plans. What is a cauldron? A pot, a bowl, or in my case a specially designated saucepan. Which helps create invocations, spells, and intentions, when filled with a combination of herbs, plants, and spices. It is in essence a place for putting your ideas, and intentions into.

It can be a real cauldron, or an imaginative one. I feel lucky in having both. On another level the cauldron is a metaphor for the womb of life. You are now the master or mistress of your life, you always were, but for some reason this year even more so. This card coming so soon into your reading, in combination with the Pentacle tells me that you are protected, whilst you create this sacred place in your life to manifest your dreams and plans.

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The cauldron is the place where all your ingredients, boil, and bubble and cook up. This could be a fast or slow process. You may have to be patient with yourself and others. You are now the magician and very much in charge of the events occurring or not occurring in it. You have so much potential, did you know that, do you feel it? What can you bring to the pot? What do you want to achieve? For the time is now. Your energy is thus that it can have an impact on the directions you choose to travel and where you end up in your life.

Use such strength and energic power with compassion. Others may not have caught up with you yet. Break a long-term, greater goal into more achievable bites and you will feel a greater sense of achievement. Visualise and create a happy place to live in, enjoy the space and time of waiting before your achievements are to be enjoyed, this is not a time to rush, but enjoy being part of the process, nurture this space and look after yourself, for you are creating your own happy future.

Make a warming winter soup, perfect for this time of year, and whilst you prepare, cook and stirring in a clockwise direction, take time, think about your lovely bright future, and give thanks to nature. Add to your ingredients your love and good wishes for those who will eat the soup. Troughs — You get back what you put in.

Taurus, hello, and welcome to you! I love how these cards are rolling out to support their year foundation cards. Yours is to reflect, visualise, and let the world see you as you want to be seen, by drawing the Athame, any decisions you make or focus you can be powered up by the commander of power.

You have elements of calm waters, emotions and thought processes, driven by this little knife that will steer you, much like a sword or wand to achieving your goals. People may look at you with their heads turned to one side, a little confused. When you announce your plans to folks, you may surprise some in the choice of direction you take. Have faith!

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You have Athame. I liken this to the Ace of Swords in Tarot. Blade-tip first into the outside world you go, strong, courageous and assured. You can though imagine your own version of this. By picturing your own items or tools, you identify with them more easily. I use my own to cast circles, and much like my wands to direct the magical energies during various Wiccan rituals. But before you emerge from your home, you must prepare, and know where it is you are going with all this new energy.

Release that which disempowers you, for the knife can cut away what you no longer need. You will be all the stronger for having done so. Nurture yourself, meditate, heal, dream and build your strength up ready for your mission. Create a world for you, that wish to be a part of, for you are protected. Whilst others who are in your world may not fit entirely with your new version of it, they will if they come with unconditional love fit in still, maybe in a different way, for they too are undergoing their own special transitions. There are some beautiful ones, in stores or on line.

Or you can make one, find the thin end of a branch of wood, and carve out a short double-sided pointed knife shape, with a handle. Sit somewhere quietly, light a candle, for this I would suggest an indigo or purple one, for 3rd eye focus. And simply nestle the athame in your hands, as you candle gaze. Ask that you are given unconditional loving guidance in the planning and focus of your intentions for now and the coming year. Place the athame near the candle, say a few words if you wish about your wishes and goals. For they are two very different things.

Then blow out the candle, saying thank you again. Another very powerful reading for you here, your year base card the Cone of power, is enhancing your energy from your diaphragm area and around your body, like a fire has been lit to keep you running through to the end of the year. Add to that the Sword. Not unlike Taurus getting Athame, the sword I feel is the Ace of Swords crossing over into a wiccan reading. New beginnings, new dreams, and being able to cut through situations to discover the truth. The sword has been connected to what was considered to be masculine energy.

Because of its direct force and connection to fighting in historical battles. Like the wand it is a direct, focussed and mighty force. As a fellow air sign, I really connect with this card too. You are the knight, or brave warrior making their way to the castle, cutting through the forest of thorns, or the sharp-witted Queen of swords, who can silence enemies, end arguments and slice a lie with her tongue.

This is you right now. Slick, quick witted, and wasting no time.

Not everyone will appreciate your honesty, and laser beam ability to spot and deal with lesser mortals. So be gentle, and kind with your words, maybe throw in a little patience too. The presence of the sword in your reading indicates strongly that you will receive messages now, that may not be sugar coated, but necessary for you to hear in order to proceed.

The first bit requires some truth and honesty with yourself, much in keeping with doing your SMARTER targets, except you are not doing any lists here, and it may actually help do your target list, maybe do this one first? The sword added to your toolkit will help you slice through any blockages in my mind with courage, focus and clarity. Nice to see you again Cancerians, the new year is here upon us and you have the help of the Green Man gives you roots, and the chance to literally grow yourself, your dreams, your life.

By drawing the Cone of power, I consider this to be the fertilizer to feed your tree and nourish you through your journey. Your first message to support your foundation card is the cone of power. The Cone of Power gives the ability to connect to your conscious energy and applying it to your projects. Each one has a different job to do.

All of them pertaining to your plans for the year. If you lose your way, just go into your Chamber of Cones, ponder a moment, and ask for their guidance and energy. You will know which one you need at any time of asking. May I suggest the first cone you use is the cone of replenishment and healing, to set you up for what is to come. The second wisdom and intuition perhaps? To plan your year wisely. Remember to rest and nurture yourself, during this creative and busy time, for you could soon tire.

You could find yourself noticed in your world, whether you want to be or not, by bosses, or team members who will be asking you to share some of that energy with them. You have the choice for the most part as to where you will contribute with this spark of energy. Powerful people, lightworkers can have a tendency towards arrogance, egotism and irritability, so remain grounded and compassionate. Imagine your cone chamber, where is it in your home? How is it decorated? How is it furnished. Look upon as it your healing room, visit it as often as you need to find the answers you need on this journey.

Leo dear lion, so nice to see you, how are you dealing with your new familiar the serpent. Are you feeling energised, powerful with ideas pinging all over the place? If the answer is not quite just yet, fear not for you have a new card. The cord! Welcome to the family we say, its first outing.

What does it mean? I shall tell you. During this time of rebirth and new year focussing, you are being asked to look at what is holding you to the past, and what could stop you from being able to move forward with those plans? A cord is tying that binds or connects us to situations, people and memories. Some cords automatically sever when those situations naturally end, others require some determination or decision on our part to cut those cords. As the cauldron acts the womb for a creation, and ideas, the cord is the infants, or your potential, that links to a place of planning and creation.

In spell work and ritual work witches used cord of different colours for prayer weaving, or purpose specific energy work. They also used it to define boundaries, something you are being told to do here. You are being launched on a path to into the unknown, and magical opportunities in your new life, it is time, there is no putting it off. Which is difficult if you are afraid, or unsure.

What do you do if this the case? Hone the power of the serpent, for there is courage and more ways to deal with your reluctance and fears. Work with both the serpent and the cord to release from the old and tether to the new. The question is are you ready!?! This is actually a good card to get, telling you that you can do this.

You are in control, and are already set to start this very positive journey. This is a fun activity to do. The friendship bracelets that children make are usually full of colour, handmade and so easy to do. If there are children in your life, get them to help you. Pick cord, ribbon, or tapestry thread of any colours that take your fancy.

And braid away to create a cord. You can wear it, use it to hold your glasses around your neck, or make it as a book mark for your journal. If you struggle with this… there are shops that sell handmade cord or bracelets you can buy for not very much money. Mighty Virgo stepping out into the world, Athame first, full of focus!

Still wondering where you goal lies? Ah Ha, you too have synchronised perfectly with a new card, call the Neophyte, your psychic intuition will be alert, bright and telling you what feels right and where to take that feeling. It will help to know just where to go. There is the element of being a student about you, someone will be coaching or mentoring you.

By the autumn, you will no longer be the student. This is exciting! At the end of last year, you were finding deeper connections in your life, learning new things, and really understanding them at meaningful levels. Clarity, or illumination gives you the information or little hints to steer you along your path. You can. You are being helped and supported. Whatever you learn along the way, good or bad, it will shape you, make you stronger, and help you achieve your goal. They are the lessons you need to learn, not what you choose. But the outcome will see you freer and happier and feeling accomplished.

When you are doing your mood board, or notebook planning, for now you are allowed to dwell in the present and revisit the past. Have a little think about what you want to do, and then ask bravely are you doing it? What is stopping you?

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And What are you going to do to change it. Sacrificing what no longer serves me will be hard for this sentimental gal, but I know things have to change. And maybe then I can do my targets too. Librans Hi de hi, and how are you all? The card of our year, Aradia, lovely, and powerful eh? We going back to our roots and being guided by the stars! What a trip this year will be.

The more mystical cards are a little tougher to get to grips with for they require elements of our imagination and the ability to connect to your spiritual self. Which is what she is all about. The Book of Shadows! I have a stash of these already, full of my plans, rituals, and herbal studies. I love them! I would also suggest that you get a book or look up events that take place in the Wiccan year, that you can work into this book. Noting key dates and events that could prove useful to you. My other planner, has sabbats, rituals, and shopping lists for herbs and crystals in it.

All the books we need weave into together to support our day to day. I would also include in these books we look at and read, to learn things. This could also be called the book of your life, as a whole, what spells are inside you, that you can help manifest into your outer self?

There is one book we all need to look at. It records all our life events from birth to this moment. What was the lesson? What can you change? Write in it, your thoughts, reflections and if you do practise spell work, I am sure you already have a book of shadows already. I would also write in it your activities, and your thoughts and feelings on as you work your way through them. Scorpio warm January greetings, how are you? So, Gaia is your grounding card for the year!

And what a card. You will feel nourished, healed, and be visually guided as you carry out what is needed to be done throughout your year. She is depicted as holding a Silver bough branch… which ironically your card this week. But is seems Gaia is tooling herself and you up in order to carry out your plans.

Truly synchronised. A branch from an apple tree is also the symbol of the goddess of love — Branwen, Venus or When cut Aphrodite. Cut an apple widthways notice how the seeds produce the shape of the pentacle, a spiritual power in the fruit. Scorpio this card hails a happier time of love universal and yes romantically for you.

Scorpio Monthly Astrology Horoscope October 2019

You will find yourself gently easing away from the pain of such situations, and moving towards a much brighter future. Your positive experiences at this will feel doubly blessed, enchanted and much more deeply felt. Friendships are starred, old and new ones. You will find yourself enjoying existing ones, or literally branching out and make new contacts. Look out for a love connection, or romantic celebration around you.

If you have found yourself feeling isolated, or lonely, socially or romantically, this lovely card suggests its time you reconnected with people and shared some contentment. It means leaving your home, and getting connected to your world. Maybe even do a detox. Find a nice gentle breathing rhythm, drawing the breath to your heart chakra.

Send your love to those you care about, and use this time to send out forgiveness if you are ready to and ask for loving healing with those you have suffered difficulties with. When you feel at peace, relaxed and ready to, blow out the candle, give you thanks and you can return to your day.

Do so steadily, as such a mediation can be very relaxing. Take care with candles. The Lady is saying your theme for this year is embodiment and freedom. Perfect for a go getting Sagittarian. So, does the Owl. For now, you have the owl, a wise creature with so much to teach you. For you are ready. This card sees you working out situations that at first appear a little gloomy, and changes you may not want to face. But you are ready. You will not face this blindly, or with fear, but with the calm, qualities of the owl and its night vision.

The result is that by the time morning comes, you will feel proud, and accomplished. The Owl in this situation could also be called in my opinion the Phoenix, a beautiful mythical bird that hatches out of it egg in a pit of fire, serves it purpose for that life time, then dies spent. It then comes back reborn in order to carry another life purpose. For you now this is all about endings and new beginnings.

Like other cards that have arrived in this a new year reading, it seems very appropriate. Take time to pause and listen at this time, for very important information is being delivered to you, and can your reactions. Your eyes too will be brighter, fresher and sharper not unlike receiving the crystal ball, more able to cut through the darkness. Time is being called in some aspects of your world in order for you to evolve, stronger, brighter and freer. This is all part of the path you are on now Sagittarius, and development of the whole self-requires reflection, peace and quiet.

This activity requires imagination and relaxation, but is achievable within a couple of attempts. Think of yourself walking out of your lovely cave, where you have been resting, it is night time, you are safe, very safe. And you are coming home, the moon is bright and lights your way, as do glow bugs and silver wisps that entwine the trees and bushes marking your path. You hear a hoot and above you are an owl, what does he or she look like, notice its feathers, ears, beak, and claws. Its beautiful amber eyes engage with yours, you sit down at the base of the tree, this lovely owl just a couple a branch higher than you, continues to gently gaze at you.

Back on your feet again, you rise, then in saying goodbye to the owl, feel in your pocket for a letter. Return to a more conscious state gently as you imagine yourself back in your home, carrying out the message instructions. Clear and guided in your future plan. Yo Warrior of love Aries, you are never a sign that does needy or clingy, Aries. And never more so than this week. Venus in your 9th puts you in the mood for love that gives you a certain sense of freedom. And with an extra adrenalin rush of adventure and exploration thrown in. Venus in your 9th is about freedom in love and makes an angle of intense attraction to ruler Mars in your 1st this week.

Settlers could delight their partner with their desire to experiment and explore. Singles will be seeking that out-of-the-ordinary experience. Stay at home types or emotional limpets need not apply. Your 9th is your house of travel and foreign affairs. Meeting someone when travelling or attracting a lover with overseas connections is another likelihood now. As is encountering love in pursuit of those dreams. Is love a goal for you? The Sun enters this sector of your chart on the 20th and this is also your house of friends and connections.

If romance is on your wishlist then I should not need to tell you to be out and about now. This week also sees Mercury have a powerful encounter with Pluto in your reputation zone. Powerful ideas, presentations or news around a long term career goal could feature. You have the ability to sway people in positions of authority. The winds of change are rippling through your career zone and will soon arrive in your money sector. In a nutshell: Love wants to take you on a journey. Towards a bigger, more passionate experience. You may attract a new travelling companion.

Ruler Venus in your 8th makes a revealing aspect to Mars in your 12th. Unexpected declarations, hidden truths, secret desires — all come tumbling out of that love closet this week. Waking up to the truth of what it is you need from love could also form part of this. Venus in your 8th also links you to your soul values. Release is what follows thanks to a meeting between Mercury and Pluto modern ruler of your 8th on the same day.

This week also has the Sun entering your 10th of recognition and rewards. Time to get serious — and be seen as someone who has serious intentions. Especially when it comes to your career. If you are seeking a new job, then stay within your industry. Leverage your superpower whatever it is and your expertise. Keep your focus on career matters now and let other areas of life take care of themselves. If you do this you will be amazed at the progress you make.

For now however — just do the work. Career matters require your undivided attention. But the results will be well worth it. You are in an unprecedented period when it comes to any connection that involves doubling up with someone else. This cuts across all kinds of relationships — from the romantic to the business kind. Consider this influence amplified this week due to Venus which rules this house, making a connection to Mars in your social and goals sector.

Get out and stand out where love can find you. The 11th is the house of the future and also where the unexpected occurs. Such as meeting the perfect match in a place where you would least expect to find them. Game changing contacts could be the result of accepting an invitation this week. Negotiations could feature which when agreed, set you off in a powerful new direction.

Successful outcomes restore your confidence and optimism. In a nutshell: If forming any kind of duo is your goal you need to be out and about seeking it. Desire pushes you to explore new spheres. Work and career enhancing inroads can be made this week but you create your own opportunities. Venus in your 6th makes a career move on Mars in your status sector. Working behind the scenes is favoured as is finishing up projects that have been hanging around.

Venus in your 6th is not the best place but allows you to add a touch of glamour or even find the creativity in even the most mundane task. Meanwhile, Mars has you focussed on the goal — the winning instinct comes into play. Together this adds up to the perfect recipe for bringing that project, job or even interview process to a successful conclusion.

One conversation has the ability to change the direction of a particular relationship or take it to a deeper level as Mercury meets Pluto in your 7th. With Mercury conjunct erotic Pluto in your relationship zone, some very naughty conversations excite and delight you this week. When the Sun saunters into Aquarius, he lights up even more intensity. You are watching what is going on beneath the surface. If anyone has been trying to hoodwink you, you double bluff them take back the control.

This week is all about empowerment and you leading your life your way. The themes of transformation extend not just to your relationship with others, but with yourself. As the Sun enters your 8th Map your own underground because baby, you are the most fascinating thing out there and the Sun in here opens up the opportunity to get to know your own psyche better.

Be your own soul caver now as you explore the wondrous depths. Dig a little deeper into you. In a nutshell: Bring those career moves to a successful conclusion. Make it happen Take a bold approach to what you want Experience more than one kind of love. Going after what you want, making fun happen and the realisation that you are the igniting force when it comes to having those dreams, should take you into January on a high note, Leo.

Venus increases your ability to draw to you what you want when in your 5th. But its influence just got turbo boosted thanks to a fabulous searing angle to Mars in your 9th. You now have the confidence to do just that. Romance could heat up or singles could experience a sudden, searing attraction to someone who echoes their new, bold approach. In fact, being a little bit bold extends to work as well as Mercury in its ruling 6th engages with Pluto in here on the 18th. News which impacts on your job, wellbeing or routine acts as a catalyst and sees you following through with bolder moves of your own.

If things must change — you can direct these changes now. There is a twosomeness happening about you now. This house rules all kinds of partnerships and double-up activities. From that business partner, to that best friend, long term work relationship or that activity buddy.

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You are in the spotlight now as are your partnership needs. So if you see an empty space in your life understand there is more than one way to fill it. Take the initiative and enter the dance one way or another this week. In a nutshell: Single, settled or just simmering? This week opens the doors to new partnership opportunities. And more than one option when it comes to being in a relationship, Leo.

Big shifts occur this week especially around romance, creative projects or children and young people. All thanks to ruler Mercury encountering Pluto in your 5th. Your love life could experience a transformation or regeneration. So, pass this on in some way. Your ruler is associated with youth and playfulness but often you can lose touch with this aspect of Mercury.

Instead becoming over-focussed on its other influences such as details and routines. This meeting with Pluto allows you to re-connect with your own playfulness and inner child if life has become too routine lately and to remember the magic you once felt. If you do you may be shocked at the effect this has on you mind, body and spirit. This clarity allows you to make any necessary changes needed when it comes to putting yourself first.

In a nutshell: Connect to playfulness, joy and pleasure! Especially if reviving your love life or just your outlook is your goal, Virgo. This week asks you to let the child within express itself. Get creative this week especially with what you say and your ideas. Write, share, communicate now that Venus is in your 3rd and angling across at Mars in its ruling 7th. Someone is receptive or wants to share your message.

This could even extend to business, writing and publishing opportunities for you. It is now time to shine, to attract and to showcase yourself. Have a business idea, story, book or play you need to launch or showcase? This is the week to do just that. You may not be doing this alone as there are increased opportunities for romance or attracting that collaborator around you now the Sun is in your 5th from the 20th.

If you radiate, you will attract. Dress like every day will see you centre stage or at a party you are the guest of honour or the star! The more you show and tell this week, the more you will attract. Changes or news which affect your home, apartment, family situation, roommate, airbnb, living arrangements, lifestyle or even your career and salary, will be the result of a meeting between Mercury and Pluto in your 4th on the 18th.

If you are not happy with where you live or how you are living, then this brings the energy to make a shift. Look back over the past week at what news or rumblings may have happened that could have a serious impact on any of the above. This may bring matters out in the open or an opportunity to quite literally open a new door. Get the key to this — and attraction, this week Libra. In a nutshell: Act like you are a star. You are. What you project out there, comes back in kind. Take care of business One milestone is reached with another ahead You are your own best investment!

Venus in its ruling 2nd in your chart puts the focus on your cash.. Yes, you can attract more of it and this should be coming via your own efforts thanks to a money magnet angle between Venus and ancient ruler Mars in your 6th on the 18th. Business and work matters this week are especially favoured because you have both your rulers working hard on your behalf. This week also sees Mercury in its ruling 3rd meet with modern day ruler Pluto also on the 18th.

Backing for your ideas, a job offer, increased orders, followers, traffic — any or all of these see you with more work but with your bank balance ultimately reaping the benefit. Mercury in your 3rd is all about doing business while Pluto puts power behind what you say and do. When this extra money or validation arrives, invest this in your future rather than just spending the extra cash or resting on your laurels. This week could see you reach a milestone but understand this is the first stop on a larger journey towards success.

The Sun in your 4th from the 20th asks that you focus on your long term security and what sustains you. It is all about investment — or should I say re-investment? Save rather than spend. Invest in your own talents, skills and abilities. They are what have got you this far. Look to where you live and how you want to live in the future — and invest in that vision. The Sun in this house of our charts asks us to plant seeds for the future. Commit to the long term to something. You could be your own best investment this week. In a nutshell: Time to invest — in your future self, Scorpio.

This week hands you an opportunity to build something long term. Live in the moment of success, but look forward! Burn baby, burn bright! Outshine that supernova this week, Sag! Because you are not just hot — you are on fire! That heat you are radiating attracts anything from that red hot lover to that money changing moment when it comes to your finances or success.

The brighter you allow yourself to burn, the more you just seem to draw to you whether this is people or opportunities. Others may see you as lucky or that you have done little or nothing to bring this all about. You know differently. Anything that transpires now is the result of you having to surmount difficulties and stick to your course despite these. Open those arms wide and embrace it all. This week also sees the Sun change signs and drop into your 3rd of learning, communication and ideas. No more sitting around on the latter or your backside.

Not that you are a sign which normally does that. Take your message out there. Again, part of you shining so brightly this week could be via your ideas or communicating your truth. Others love what you are selling or just that wild, big sky thinking and vision and want to be a part of it.

Weekly Astrology Video Forecast 3rd December 2018

But then you are the sign who always has the biggest dreams of all. Let that radiance shine on them now — and everyone around you. In a nutshell: The brightest object in the sky could just be you this week, Sag. Secrets around family and the home front could feature this week, Capricorn. Have you been keeping something to yourself? Perhaps around how you want to live? Or is a past secret intruding on the present? Secrets wishes, desires and dreams could be revealed now as Venus in your mysterious 12th exposes what you desire for the long term when it aligns to opposite number Mars in your 4th.

Start that highly personal conversation this week as Mercury and Pluto also meet in your 1st on the same day as this wonderful alignment. Your money, values, investments, talents, property, assets and skills are going to be in focus too for the next month as the Sun leaves your sign and enters your 2nd from the 20th. Owning your abilities and also looking after what you own. The biggest soul question which transcends the material now is around what you own or whether it owns you. If we borrow too much money, the bank or credit card companies own us. This is the house that wants you to build a better relationship with what you have — especially if you want more of it.

A better relationship also extends to valuing yourself and what you have to offer more. Know your worth and own your skills like a boss now, Capricorn. Share it this week if you can. Knowing you are worth it, brings that long term dream closer. Live your truth to live up to your potential Opportunities demand to be let in Happy birthday, Aquarius! Happy birthday, Aquarius! Get ready for a very different year from how things may have been recently. To do something with your ideas.

And also to clear away anything that has been holding you back from doing this.

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The fantastic thing that happens when we do this is that what no longer aligns with who we truly are, simply drops away or ceases to be a problem for us. Watch for this just before the Sun arrives in your sign as two days before this Mercury will meet Pluto in your 12th. You may see the past or a connection in a very different way.

Your ideas may shift allowing you to see alternatives or just the way forward.